Control The Problem. Don't Let The Problem Control You.

08 December, 2019

It is in this stage that you need to be proactive and take control of your health. You are not a victim. You do have options even in the worst of circumstances. This may not fix the problem but will allow you to step back and maybe look at the reasons for your stress from a different angle. Here I want to present some options for your consideration. 

If you need medical help, this will improve your chances

01 December, 2019

You assume that if you were to collapse on the street, in a mall or find yourself in the middle of a serious car accident that the strangers around you will note you are in trouble and come to your aid. This could happen but in most cases, those people will assume someone else has already come to your aid, or that your situation isn't a real emergency. Some may chose not to get involved in fear of doing something wrong.

Proper Breathing is Essential to Good Health

01 December, 2019

If you are relaxed and in control, you will be breathing through your belly. However, when you're stressed, your body will start to chest breath. This is an automatic reflex and is part of our Fight or Flight conditioning we've had since the early ages of man but in a much harsher world. The stress encountered by you day to day may not compare to fighting for your life, but your nervous system in reality can't tell the difference. Stress is stress.

You've been doing this for years, but has it helped?

26 July, 2018

Do you find you're constantly looking for great diet plans in magazines and television, or always nervously watching what you eat because a moment on the lips is a lifetime on the hips? Maybe you pay to be part of a special plan where they provide the food and know-how. Question is, in the end, did you actually lose any weight that stayed off long term? Like so many, you've joined a common trend where there is no long term plan to be successful. 

This is a yo-yo dieter, and I have a solution for you that will help you obtain that ideal weight you've been trying to reach – and keep it off. I do this with a plan that works – and you're not locked in with no exit strategy. I want you to be independent so you need not rely on anybody to make great food choices.

For the ladies, image a tight tummy and toned arms. Image how great you'll look in everything, and how your friends will talk.

For the guys, image a place where you can actually see your muscles in your chest, shoulders and back. When you're really lean, people look. This could be you. 

With some work and dedication, you can achieve you're ideal look. For yo-yo dieters, I offer tools that will put an end to guessing about what is good to eat. But it's only one part to a bigger puzzle on what makes good nutrition. I help you end the mind games so you're in better control. Most of your problems with eating properly comes from the bad habits you've grown up with, but I can help you instil better habits that you'll keep for life. 

I should be your final destination for all to diet plans with a program that works. I offer a nutrition and lifestyle plan with the option of adding strong and effective workouts. But the real plus is that both are affordable. There is no special foods required, just an open mind to changing the status quo. Over the course of the program, change will happen, sometimes in ways you weren't expecting. 

Tell me about yourself and let's start a dialogue. Let's get you off the yo-yo diets and work toward real change. Text me at 416.518.8330, or email me at and I'll call you back. 


If you're waiting for the perfect time...

02 July, 2018

If you're waiting for the perfect time to eat better, exercise more or lose weight so you can give it your 100%, it's not going to happen. There will always be an event like dinner plans with friends, a big date, or you don't want a new diet interfering with having a good time. These are just roadblocks you've put up to keep you from doing what needs to be done. We all have busy lives, we all make plans with friends and family, but if its important to you, you need to stop the procrastination and commit. 

Maybe you're afraid of failure before you've barely begun. This is not a bad thing. In most cases, success can only come after multiple failures. The important part is making mental notes about your behaviours and can you improve on them to be a little bit more successful the next time you find yourself in a similar situation? And you don't have to adhere to a program 100% to benefit from it. If your commitment level is at 85% you're still doing better than many people and still can be successful in achieving your goals. 

Stop thinking about the long term and be in the here and now. Just starting is a big part of the process. Going day to day is a lot easier that thinking about what it's going to be like next week. Anything worth doing requires a little effort and it could get tougher as you progress, but you should have the tools you'll need by then to better handle the challenges as they come up. Remember why you're doing the program in the first place – to get you the tools to help you succeed where you were unable to do it on your own. 

Tools are coping mechanisms you learn from experiences you've done before and can reference should a similar situation repeat in the future. There can be multiple tools that can be applied to one situation. You choose the most appropriate that will get you through it. You may even develop a new tool to add to your expanding toolbox. An example of a tool might be to call out what your doing when you're binging on a bag of chips. This stops the mindless shovelling of chips into your mouth because you've now made yourself aware of what your doing. You should now be able to put the bag away. You're shopping tool will question whether you need to buy the chips and whether they aligned with your goals in the first place. Now you have the power to decide whether to put them in your basket or not, it's not a mindless or automatic one. 

Now I want to hear from you so we can get you started on becoming a better version of who you are now. Everyone acknowledges that the first step is always the hardest to do when change is desired, but the unknown doesn't make it easier. The good news is we start off easy and as you get more comfortable with what you're doing, then it becomes a bit more challenging. By then, it's still easy and you've learned so much from me already. 

Now's the time to stop reading and act, so off you go. 


My own experiences with PN Coaching

14 December, 2017

I never intended to publish my before and after shots (if so, I probably would have smiled more), but I lay them out before you to show where I came from and what results I finished with though I am still continuing to improve. 

I've completed the 12 month Nutrition and Lifestyle program with the PN Workouts. From beginning to end, it has been an amazing journey, much more than I really expected. To start, I didn't have a lot of weight I wanted to lose. I wanted to tighten up the waistline and if I could increase my muscle mass, that was a bonus. 

To date, I've dropped 6.5 pounds and lost 5.5inches on my total girth measurements (this is the sum total of all circumference measurements taken of yourself). The overall girth measurement is not a reliable measurement of how you're doing as your body undergoes reshaping. Depending on the type of exercises you may be doing, as you increase muscle size in your shoulders, chest, hips and legs, these numbers may counter the loses in your waist and other areas. I'm quite happy how my body has transformed in my sixtieth year. I’m looking pretty good for my age, maybe in the top 5% of males when related to overall fitness levels. The potential for female participants to improve is just as great and is not a limiting factor. 

But aside from how my body has changed, the program has made me more open to change and trying new things. It has allowed me to address my elephant in the room issue that might be holding me back, and to introduce behaviours that help me manage stress and sleep better at night. Recovery should play an important role in everybody's life but is sadly neglected, allowing stress to take over. These are the things in our lives that left unaddressed, manifest into issues that contribute to poor eating habits. 

Nutrition is the central focus of this program and how to make the right choices in protein, vegetables and smart carbohydrates, and healthy fats. Gently pushing you along toward getting you to reduce your reliance on processed foods and lean toward whole foods instead. As mentioned many times, there are no bad foods, just better choices, and how can you make your choice a little bit better. 

Over time, you get a bit more excited about the prospects and potential of what you can do and how you can improve your game. In the beginning I began to reduce the different types of bread I would buy down to one loaf made with sprouted grains. Now I have restricted my consumption to maybe a slice or two a week. I used to buy salad dressings, now I make my own. I used to be happy with large flaked oatmeal, but have moved onto steel cut oats, making a large batch a couple of times a week for breakfast. It works and I love having it around. 

Just for the sake of pushing some buttons, the program has a few experimental days where you're challenged to think outside the box. Today, I'm going fat free, noting how this particular diet affects my body and energy levels. It helps you better understand how certain food groups interact with your internal systems and whether that its a benefit or not. It also makes you aware how important those missing food groups make you feel – in my case, the importance of essential fats to good health and feeling satisfied after a meal. I'm fighting the urge to replace that need with more carbohydrates. 

While everybody's journey on PN Coaching will be different because we are all coming from different places in our lives and have different goals, it is still a journey worth taking. It is a feel good journey with a happy ending, and I would encourage everyone to try it. 

Exercise Programming coming to Your Health Coach

12 February, 2017

Beginning in April 2017, new clients will have the option of having exercise programming included with their daily activities. Based on information provided regarding goals, injuries and limitations, they will be provided customized workouts each day with the versatility of selecting the kind of workout you want to do that day. They'll have the option of a full gym workout, a speedy 30 minute version, an at-home version and a do your own workout based on the criteria set for that day. 

Each workout comes with descriptive videos and workout levels from beginner to advanced to ensure they get the most of each day. And like their daily nutrition habit, they'll check in each day to confirm they've completed the day's workout. 

Unfortunately, this exciting addition is only available to new clients who start their programs in April. Anyone who has started prior to the April release date can not have it as an add-on.  

In celebration of this exciting addition, I'm having a pre-sale where clients will receive a 30% discount at checkout when they enter the promo code Exerc1Presa. Take advantage of this limited time offer as it ends March 15, 2017. Here is the link to our Nutrition and Exercise program. This discount applies to all versions of my nutrition programs, so you could start today and save. 

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