Your Health Coach Is About Client-Centred Coaching

At Your Health Coach, I believe in Client-Centred Coaching. This is based on trust and mutual respect. It's about getting to know you and determining how to move forward toward your goals at a pace that you're comfortable with, but still moving forward. I believe client-centred coaching is the best way to get the most rewarding results, especially when change can be difficult. 

Work with me and we work together. Your success will be celebrated.

If you are a middle-aged man or woman tired of the mid-life body you've adopted and ready for a slimmer, tighter, improved and healthier you – now is the time to act. You're at a stage in your life where everything moving forward will become more challenging, from mobility to health issues. You may already be experiencing some of those issues now associated with being overweight. Now is the time to hit the brakes, reassess and rewrite this chapter. Many of my clients have expressed over the years how much they appreciated where they are today compared to our first day. For many, it's not always about appearance but health and functionality, especially if you're in your 70's and 80's.

I offer a range of training options to suit everybody's lifestyle and experience level, plus packages that include nutrition coaching and stress management. 

While I provide independent self guided online workouts, I also offer virtual training sessions where you can do your workouts at home under my watchful eye via a video hookup. I'll determine based on an assessment a workout program customized to your needs and equipment and we go through it together. 

Nutrition coaching is about achieving the desired effect while working with the client's own challenges by teaching consistent nutritional habits everyday. The way to success is by looking at the client's big picture that includes their physical, psychological and social environments, and how they've adapted to it. 

Stress management is about allowing the client to realize they do have the power in their outcome through focused proactive actions rather than being reactive. It doesn't take big actions to gain a sense of control. Small changes collectively can be more rewarding and accomplish more. The problem comes from being able to clear the fog so you can see the options available to you. This is just part of what stress resiliency is about to help you cope. 

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