When your life is okay, I take it to amazing!

Are you holding onto a couple of pairs of jeans or other clothing that no longer fit? That are too tight? Are you holding onto them because you'll be that size again some day. Well, from my point of view, it's a realistic goal and you could start now! 

Here's the secret about yourself  revealed: All people want to be is a better version of themselves. This is the most important reason why we do what we do. We all want a more athletic look with a tighter midsection and firmer arms. We all want better health. And I'm the one who will help you get there. 

When your life is okay, I take it to amazing (like fitting into smaller size clothes again). I put you on track to eating well and making better choices, reducing snacking, sleeping better and managing day-to-day stress. The end result is losing lots of body fat, increased energy to do the things you love, and you'll generally be healthier which means you'll live longer independently. 


There is no judgement here, just a desire to help people overcome some poor lifestyle choices and to handle their environment better so they can deal with stress and it’s negative effects. Eating the right foods plays an essential part in that. 

Hello, my name is Brian Anderson and I can get you beautiful results. The PN Coaching program is a wonderful, comprehensive nutrition and lifestyle tool which will make substantial changes in the way you approach the food you eat – to who you are. The addition of supplemental exercise programming with options for all fitness levels makes it even better. At the end of the program, you'll be leaner and stronger, you may even move better, and you'll have skills you can use for life. The impact extends to better health for you and to the people you share your life with. 

I invite you to try my program, going month-to-month if you like. It doesn't matter where you are in your life, everyone from all walks of life have benefited. Some have had to deal with serious health issues, while others just want to know how to eat better so they perform better in their given activity. For most, they just want to lose weight and look better for summer.

If this is speaking to you, reach out to me by email at brian@yourhealthcoach.ca, use the contact form, or call or text at (416) 518-8330. Let's start a conversation.

You can follow me on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/yourhealthcoachca and like my page for regular updates and tips on health and fitness. There you can reach me through Messenger.

Or on Instagram at https://Instagram.com/health_coach_brian 

Today's seniors, who defy the consequences of getting older, understand the importance of remaining active, with the top reasons being they want to keep their mobility and independence. The reasons we lose these as we age is loss of muscle mass due to poor nutrition and regular strength training. As we age, malnutrition becomes a serious health issue because our bodies can't absorb the vital nutrients from what we eat.

 It's acknowledged that everybody ages differently due to many factors but there is no better time to turn it around than the present. And everyone can improve in some way by simply improving their diet and increasing their activity level, thereby getting stronger – even if their starting point is zero. I want to get you there!

About Brian:

At 60, I've been living in the same house in the Toronto community of Leslieville for over 25 years, with my life partner for 34. I've been a certified personal trainer for 10 years and currently work at one of Equinox's downtown clubs. I'm also approaching 5 years as a nutrition coach certified with Precision Nutrition, who developed the program ProCoach. ProCoach has become a wonderful tool to help me coach my clients so they achieve the best results. I've had a passion for physical fitness and nutrition since I was a teenager and love to share what I've learned. My central focus over the last few years has been toward our older generation, the active ager (which would include me) who appreciate that life can be better with a bit of work and dedication. For me, improving people's health through fitness and nutrition is my primary goal.   

As a complimentary take away, you can download this free easy to understand infographic by clicking here. Amazing information just for visiting. 

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