I'm About Client-Centred Coaching

I enjoy working with older adults. As a personal trainer, I am a rare breed, not only for my age, but my appearance as well, if only because I've been doing it for so long. 

And as an older adult, I feel a better connection to what my clients are going through with each year – that's because I'm going through the same thing. None of us want to admit we are getting older and that our bodies are functioning differently, but the reality is they are. They creak and pop more, our body fat has shifted, our skin hangs loosely and wrinkled, and in general we don't move like we used to. Then there is the internal stuff!

However, why should that stop us to be better? I have learned from my clients and from my own experiences, when you remain active consistently, when you make small changes to how and what you eat, you can improve yourself in how you move, think and even that internal stuff. For a small investment in yourself, you can maintain an independence that is right for you. 

Just as we are all unique in our own way, there is so one solution that works for everyone. Not everybody can do the same exercises nor have the same goals. Not everybody eats the same foods or connects with the foods they choose to eat through culture or social influences. But, allow me to show you the basic principles, and as long as you follow them, you'll always be on the right path to a better life. 

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