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About My Virtual Training Packages

Virtual training is for people who need the accountability and regular scheduling so they show up ready to go and do it consistently. There is also a sense of confidence is what they are doing because they are being supervised regarding proper form and can get instant feedback, if necessary. As a trainer, I can quickly regress or progress an exercise if the movement isn't working the way I need it to, either because the client isn't ready for it, or it's too easy. You can get that kind of feedback from an online training program. 

Virtual training is very personal and never perfect. You bring me into your training space, most likely your home, while I bring you into mine, but it's the only way to get things done. Despite the best of intentions, technical issues will come up many times over but we persevere. The location and equipment aren't always perfect but it still works, and you feel great afterwards. 

In this section, I provide two package options. One for the individual who just wants to workout virtually.

The second, while including the same virtual exercise component, is for people who wish more regarding improving what they eat, manage stress and have poor health markers. While everyone loves to boast about how well they eat, my experience is that is far from the case. Improving your nutrition can reap benefits that could help you live a healthier life. Who wouldn't want that?

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