You've been doing this for years, but has it helped?

26 July, 2018

Do you find you're constantly looking for great diet plans in magazines and television, or always nervously watching what you eat because a moment on the lips is a lifetime on the hips? Maybe you pay to be part of a special plan where they provide the food and know-how. Question is, in the end, did you actually lose any weight that stayed off long term? Like so many, you've joined a common trend where there is no long term plan to be successful. 

This is a yo-yo dieter, and I have a solution for you that will help you obtain that ideal weight you've been trying to reach – and keep it off. I do this with a plan that works – and you're not locked in with no exit strategy. I want you to be independent so you need not rely on anybody to make great food choices.

For the ladies, image a tight tummy and toned arms. Image how great you'll look in everything, and how your friends will talk.

For the guys, image a place where you can actually see your muscles in your chest, shoulders and back. When you're really lean, people look. This could be you. 

With some work and dedication, you can achieve you're ideal look. For yo-yo dieters, I offer tools that will put an end to guessing about what is good to eat. But it's only one part to a bigger puzzle on what makes good nutrition. I help you end the mind games so you're in better control. Most of your problems with eating properly comes from the bad habits you've grown up with, but I can help you instil better habits that you'll keep for life. 

I should be your final destination for all to diet plans with a program that works. I offer a nutrition and lifestyle plan with the option of adding strong and effective workouts. But the real plus is that both are affordable. There is no special foods required, just an open mind to changing the status quo. Over the course of the program, change will happen, sometimes in ways you weren't expecting. 

Tell me about yourself and let's start a dialogue. Let's get you off the yo-yo diets and work toward real change. Text me at 416.518.8330, or email me at and I'll call you back. 


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