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About my online programs:

These programs are for people with knowledge of the basics in resistance training. They are self-guided, self-motivated and at times, challenging. Otherwise, you should consider working directly with a personal trainer who can ensure you're getting the results you're after.  

These are on-line training programs designed with your specific goals and limitations taken into consideration provided by me, a ten year experienced personal trainer, certified and insured. No templates are used as everyone is special in their own needs and available equipment. I discover what those needs are through an assessment of your health and fitness history. Movement prep, correctives, stretches and resistance  and cardio training are provided where needed.

I'm here to provide what free off-the-shelf programs can not. Experience working hands-on with similar people like yourself, ongoing program design, seeing the results. Template programs, whether you paid a fee or not, but designed for the masses will not work for you. They never do because they don't know you. 

The program is delivered to you on an app you can download free for your smart phone or tablet called TRAINER+. Each exercise comes with a clip and instructions on how the exercise is performed. Take the program to your workout, update any changes you make and register the workout complete. I can track your progress on my dashboard and respond to any notes you send me. 

A typical personal training session in a gym or club can range in price between $80 to $150 per session depending on the club and the trainer level, but the client is working one-on-one each time. With TRAINER+ you workout on your own schedule, where you want. I charge a flat fee for each 4 week program depending on the support you're looking for throughout that period. Review my programs below to see which would be suitable for your goals.

A final word: There is no replacement for common sense. You assume full responsibility that you are able to do physical activity and will perform your exercises in a mature manner. On-line training does not afford me the opportunity to be there to correct bad form or deflate egos. When you exceed your limitations, that is where injuries occur. In a gym environment, be mindful of other members, return your weights when finished with them and work together when sharing equipment. Most importantly, make your workout time enjoyable and don't forget why you're there in the first place. 

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