Exercise Programming coming to Your Health Coach

12 February, 2017

Beginning in April 2017, new clients will have the option of having exercise programming included with their daily activities. Based on information provided regarding goals, injuries and limitations, they will be provided customized workouts each day with the versatility of selecting the kind of workout you want to do that day. They'll have the option of a full gym workout, a speedy 30 minute version, an at-home version and a do your own workout based on the criteria set for that day. 

Each workout comes with descriptive videos and workout levels from beginner to advanced to ensure they get the most of each day. And like their daily nutrition habit, they'll check in each day to confirm they've completed the day's workout. 

Unfortunately, this exciting addition is only available to new clients who start their programs in April. Anyone who has started prior to the April release date can not have it as an add-on.  

In celebration of this exciting addition, I'm having a pre-sale where clients will receive a 30% discount at checkout when they enter the promo code Exerc1Presa. Take advantage of this limited time offer as it ends March 15, 2017. Here is the link to our Nutrition and Exercise program. This discount applies to all versions of my nutrition programs, so you could start today and save. 

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