One-on-One Personal Training & PN Nutrition Coaching - starts at $199/Weekly


One-on-One Personal Training & PN Nutrition Coaching - starts at $199/Weekly

One-on-One Personal Training & PN Nutrition Coaching - starts at $199/Weekly

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One-on-One Personal Training & PN Nutrition Coach Twice a Week

Get the most out of your workouts and get better results. Let my experience from working in one of Toronto's top gyms work for you. 

This is the best investment you can make in yourself. 

Train one-on-one with me two times a week following the PN workout programming while following the PN Nutrition Program. We work in your home gym (subject to review). Meanwhile I coach you through the PN Nutrition program.  

This program is over the period of one year, paid weekly (50 weeks). Total cost of the program is $9,950.00 plus applicable taxes. Want to meet three times a week? Let's do it for an additional $75 a week. 

What you get:

  • Two workouts a week one-on-one with your certified personal trainer
  • daily check-ins 
  • 6 daily lessons on nutrition and lifestyle
  • your owner's manual
  • handy quick reference guide based on the answers to your intake questionnaire 
  • reviews, guidance and support from your coach 

Automatic payments of $199.00 plus taxes will occur every week until the end of the program or a written request for cancelation. 

You have the right to change to one of my other programs should you wish to discontinue the One-on-One Personal Training option.

Sorry, but I can only offer this within the City of Toronto. On-line personal options will be available in the future. 

We accept these payment methods:

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