For Better Fitness, Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching


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For Better Fitness, Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching

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For Better Fitness, Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching

  • Fitness Assessment and Review
    • Daily oversight and check-ins
  • Structured Four Week Online Training Program
    • Corrective exercises where appropriate
    • Movement exercises and stretches for warm-ups and cool-downs
    • Resistance training with your environment and available equipment considered
    • Two or three days per week training program
    • Guidance on possible additional equipment you may wish to consider buying
    • Direction on best cardio choices
  • Weekly 30 Minute Video Dialogue (FaceTime, Skype) 
  • Nutrition Coaching
    • 17 Page personalized nutrition and portion guide based on your goals
    • Weekly coaching, follow-up and support 
  • Lifestyle Coaching
    • Stress management and assessment
    • Sleep and recovery
    • Coping techniques

    The ideal program for the client looking for more attention and accountability. Not only does this program contain your assessment, a four week online training program, weekly 30 minute video calls and ongoing monitoring of your progress, I've also included nutrition and lifestyle coaching. That would include review of your dietary intake and methods of making it more effective toward your goals. People go through periods of stress that seem to overwhelm them. I have effective methods to help you regain control and can help guide you back into a feeling of control. 

    For best results, I need your commitment of a minimum of 6 months to benefit from what this program can offer.

    To avoid interruption of your program, please return to this page for renewing of your program.

    Thank you, your success is important to me. 

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