Why it works and you succeed!


The program wouldn't be successful without your participation within it. And the more you put into the program, the better the outcome. The program is client driven because:

You take responsibility for your own actions – your thoughts, beliefs, the stories you tell, the environment you create, and your own behaviours. No blame game toward anyone else.

You're asked to write your own Owner's Manual based on your present and past experiences related to you, which can be looked at as your personal "handling instructions." These, in turn, are unique to you. 

You are a scientist. You're asked to observe and note your body's response to inner change as well as the environment around you, collect information and draw conclusions. This makes the information relevant only to you.

You're shown the steps on how to do this and how to interpret it. 

It's more than about how to eat right, but how your lifestyle can affect your nutritional behaviours such as sleep, stress and other environmental factors. 

All these factors accumulated make for a successful program that is relevant to you, educational and most of all, at times fun and entertaining. 

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