Sometimes it feels like you're about to dive into ice water.

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For people who realize it's come time to make a change in their lives, what follows isn't always easy. Change is hard and it's easier to take the easy way out by avoiding it altogether or doing it piecemeal with no real plan. 

Problem is change requires a commitment from you to make it work and if you're not emotionally and psychologically ready for the sometimes difficult road ahead to get there, failure is unavoidable. Mentally there are multiple stages we all go through to reach the stage where we're ready to commit to our beliefs and we go through this process every time we decide we want to do something new. 

The five stages of change (the Transtheoretical Model) are 1) Pre-contemplation - though they know about it, you're consciously not even considering any form of change within the next 6 months. You may look at yourself in the mirror and see you need to lose 10 pounds but take no further action. 2) Contemplation - where you're now aware change needs to be considered but not in the correct form of mind to commit yourself to doing anything about it. Now you're thinking you need to lose 10 pounds, maybe more, but you lack motivation to go further with it. 3) Determination or Preparation - this is where you're now making small changes thinking it will affect the big picture and happens within the last 30 days of taking action. 4) Action - this is your commitment stage where you are ready to accept new routines into your current lifestyle that are positive to the changes you wanted to make. This is the best stage to take a course, quit smoking or join a gym because you are psychologically ready to succeed. New Year's Day resolution generally fail because people haven't reached this stage to make it stick. Don't make changes based on a date in the calendar. When you're ready with a strong resolve, you'll know and you're degree of success will be so much higher. 5) Maintenance - you have maintained your new lifestyle choice for more than 6 months and are committed to maintaining it moving forward. You also want to avoid a relapse into your old behaviours which plays toward a strong commitment level. 

You can also determine your readiness for change by the words you use to describe the change we want. Using words like "wish" and "hope" are not as strong as "want" and "commit." As you approach a higher level of readiness, your language and tone will change when talking to others about the changes you want to make in your life. 

We are creatures of habit. We like our routines because they're comfortable. Change is good for everybody because it's how we grow but as you can see from above, it can take time to get there. However, to be clear, you can enter or leave the cue at any point. The mind is a fickle thing and could be affected by self doubt on one end, or a serious health diagnoses on the other. There are no straight lines here. 

In my plan, we start off slow, changing behaviours systematically, gradually building over a period of time from simple easy to follow habits that you'll build your base upon, your foundation. I give you one habit at a time which you'll repeat each day until it becomes set in your psyche, then we move up a notch. Proven to work on tens of thousands of participants, this is your best method to achieve change. It is a plan. 

I address your commitment level as a starting point for us to work on. The program is designed to build on that, plus you're never alone as I help you navigate each step. We can then make adjustments until you're comfortable with the task you're assigned to do. 

If you're ready to make a change in your current lifestyle to lose weight and make better food choices, my program is perfect for you and we should talk. It's affordable and has a men's and women's version, plus it comes with optional workout plans for many body types for minimal extra  cost. 

Let's start a dialogue. Text me at 416.518.8330 or email me at and I'll get back to you. I want to hear your story. Good health begins here!

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